First Stubbed Toe of the Day

I've decided to become a blogger. Thinking this will help with all the voices in my head (kidding, sorta). Be patient with me as I am just starting out...enjoy!

First wrench--

I created this awesome blog but can't figure out how to change my picture. Fantastic. If anyone has any suggestions, please give me a shout.

On a better note, it has been raining for the past 3 days here in NJ. This is FANTASTIC for one reason and one reason only--our lawn is getting a drink. Apparently, when we landscaped and reseeded, we were supposed to be watering our lawn and shrubs twice a day. Really? Who has time for that? I was shocked when the landscaper told us. No wonder everything looks like death. So yes, I do the rain dance every morning. While everyone is bitching and moaning about the rain, I am secretly THRILLED. I feel the need though to play along with everyone else though..."yeah this rain is terrible" and "when is it going to stop?". Ha. If they only knew.